Campus and Community

Our diverse campus and social scene


October STEM school is built on a considerably vast piece of land to include all the academic facilities, students’ residence and playgrounds it was meant to hold. The school consists of three main areas:

School community

Student Body

With only 450 students, by the end of the year, one may have had at least one conversation with everyone. Each student comes from a different background ranging from the big city residents to people with rural backgrounds, giving everyone an opportunity to understand other communities. Everyone has his own unique talent, encouraging the development of a collaborative, and competitive, atmosphere. Also, despite being a STEM school, the students show passion in various non-STEM fields, giving everyone a new experience to find other passions. However, the best thing about the students is that everyone is willing to share their knowledge.

Campus Life

The school is an amazing holistic experience. Diverse community, a research-based and curriculum-based hybrid education system, amazing extracurricular activities, and a dominant culture of giving back. Campus is always busy with activities, orientations, and student led courses. Most people have no more than three free hours, but they will never decline a request for help. Everyone is longing for new experiences. The main social scene could be described as a large family that is connected by the school where every member is effective and always happy for the success of others.